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Christian Intervention Program

CIP – A unique and comprehensive Bible based program designed to instruct the chemically dependent and bring them out of the bondage of alcohol and other drugs. The CHRISTIAN INTERVENTION PROGRAM® (CIP) is administered by New Life, working in cooperation with the local courts, college administrators, industry management teams and prison authorities.

The Lord has given us the authority, tools and ability to make a difference in our communities. This is a beautiful opportunity to reach individuals and their families who are in trouble from a legal standpoint and who have been charged by the court to        participate in a “substance rehabilitation” program. We can give them a Christian perspective on deliverance from their problem that really works.

The CIP lessons are designed to provide a solution to the problems and voids in peoples lives today. This will encourage them to look much differently at their drug or alcohol problem than they ever have before. We will help bring freedom into their lives and teach them Christian values. With the help of, and introduction of, Jesus Christ into their lives we can bring new hope to many in your community.

More information can be found at The Spirit of Freedom Ministries

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